From The Editor | January 15, 2015

My NRF 2015 "-est" List

Matt Pillar

By Matt Pillar, chief editor

Matt Pillar editor in chief integrated solutions for retailers

I didn’t make it to all 550-ish booths that packed Javits to the rafters last week, but I did put quite a few miles on my shoe leather. This rundown is far from comprehensive, but it represents a handful of the coolest stuff I saw. I may be taking a few liberties with the “-est” suffix here, so bear with me.

Flashiest. Electronic shelf labels have been around for a long time, but you haven’t seen one like the SmartFLASH from Pricer. You’ll have to excuse the jargon, because the efficiency-enabling features developed at Pricer really are a game-changer. Let’s say you want to make click-and-collect as easy (and as fast) for your store associates as it is for your customers. With SmartFLASH, you give your store associate a customer’s pick list on a mobile device, and when the associate gets within a few feet of the item(s) to be picked, the shelf label associated with the SKU to be collected starts flashing. No more wasted time scouring through 200 jars of McCormick spices for the right container of marjoram. Just follow the flashing light, grab it, and go. Engagement possibilities for the consumer’s mobile device are endless too. Pricer’s  VP of Biz Dev Nils Hulth gave me one seven days ago, and it’s still flashing away.

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