White Paper

Mythbusting In The Warehouse: Three Things To Know About Voice-WMS Integration

Source: Lucas Systems, Inc.
Voice-WMS Integration

One of the first things people ask when investigating voice picking and other mobile applications for their DC is “how will the new applications work with my existing systems?” This paper addresses three of the common myths and misperceptions about adding new mobile applications to existing host or warehouse management systems (WMS):

  1. The Legacy Myth – You need a Tier 1 WMS to use voice-directed mobile applications so you should replace your custom-built systems or upgrade your legacy WMS package before looking at other solutions.
  2. The Integration Myth – Adding new mobile applications to a WMS requires custom integration work that is difficult, costly, and dangerous.
  3. The All-In-One WMS Myth – A WMS voice module provides all the benefits of a best-in- breed mobile work solution at a lower cost.

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