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More On Amazon Go's Delay

Target chief information and digital officer Mike McNamara admitted in January that he was “kind of skeptical” about the launching of Amazon’s new store of the future, explaining that the technology has been around for more than a decade. However, the process still requires help from humans behind the scenes, as Recode reported.

How Augmented Reality Is Impacting Online Shopping

Check out this infographic to see how retailers are feeling the squeeze, why shoppers choose augmented reality, and augmented reality's impact on retail.

SMR Strategies For Digital Transformation

Small to midsize retailers (SMRs) have an advantage — size — and agility and nimbleness to consistently meet consumer needs. Or do they? This report describes some of the common capabilities that retailers possess in order to create and capitalize on agility to outperform the competitive field. This year we ask several IDC Retail Insights experts what they recommend small to midsize retailers do in several key functional competency areas.

Challenge Your Leaders: Why Your Retail Organization — And Your Job — Depend On It

It's time to challenge retail leadership. We talk about new customer experiences, equipped associates, and commerce anywhere, anytime. The truth is retail is run by old thinking and old metrics. The new entrepreneurial thinking wants to create a company from an idea, sell it, and move on. That difference between the old and new thinking in business creates a gap in retail leadership that will continue to get wider.

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An Insider's Take On Innovation
By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor

We sat down with a pioneer of the retail innovation game to understand where he came from, how he works, and how he got to Neiman Marcus.

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