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IoT: What Its Role Is Now And What It Will Be In The Future

The Internet of Things is still in its infancy but is already making a mark on retail. But what does the future hold for the IoT?

Best Practices In Tracking Vendor Progress

Innovative Retail Technologies sat down with Michele Salerno, director of marketing and sales at Celerant Technology, to discuss automating POs, best practices in tracking vendor progress, and more.

How Are Retailers' Cross-Channel Efforts Really Faring?

An RSR Research study has found retailers must move faster, spend begrudging amounts on tech and employees, and — at the same time — get out of the Amazon price war.

Why Conversational Commerce Is The Preferred Customer Service Solution

The evolution of technology has reached the point where consumers are communicating digitally more than ever before. The web, mobile marketing, and smartphone applications have become the vessel of daily interactions, and it is difficult to imagine what new innovation will surpass these well-established tools. One technology being positioned as the next big thing, looking to steal the technological spotlight, is chatbots.

Reimagining Retail Brick By Click

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have a massive trump card in their physical locations — one that can be a substantial competitive advantage if retailers can deliver the desired retail experience. However, with foot traffic in U.S. retail stores dropping by more than 9 percent annually over the past several years, the challenge for retailers is in creating meaningful in-store retail experiences that translate to higher customer conversion rates, no matter the channel.

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What's Being Done To Improve Fill Rate Performance

Fill rate performance improvements require suppliers to get much better at planning production. This requires high-quality retailer forecasts and commitments to those forecasts. Victor Engesser, retail executive advisor for Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF), sheds light on how to drive fill rate performance improvements and other insights gleaned from his organization's survey.


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