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E-Commerce, POS Solution Unifies Customer Touchpoints At Wingtip

Wingtip has deployed NetSuite’s e-commerce and point of sale solutions to unify all of its customer touchpoints and natively integrate with its existing NetSuite ERP, CRM, order, and inventory management.

Data Analysis Benefits Range From C-Suite To Part-Time Associates

Retail has always been a numbers game. The difference today is the massive amount of data available and variety of sources feeding the data machine. We’ve migrated from simply pulling numbers from our cash registers at the end of the day to cash registers, credit card processors, e-commerce sites, social media, email marketing, loyalty programs, and rewards cards all simultaneously making database deposits.

Lowe's Develops Lift-Assist Robotic Suit Technology

Lowe’s and Virginia Tech have developed a new wearable robotic suit with lift-assist technology that helps employees lift and carry merchandise through the store more efficiently and with less chance of repetitive injuries.

Why E-Commerce Will Transform B2B, Manufacturing, And Distribution

E-commerce is fundamentally changing the B2B world, just as it is on the consumer side. E-commerce transactions still represent a minority of the volume of B2B business, but across all channels, this is where growth is happening and where customer expectations are being shaped.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Is There Enough Millennial Mindshare In Merchandising?
By Matt Pillar

Retail Systems Research’s report, Merchandising 2017: The Real And The Unreal, points out millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest portion of the U.S. population (25 percent). Yet, the report also points out the potentially problematic fact that retailers are fixated on catering to a very different, rarely mentioned group: Generation X. One RSR analyst expresses concern that merchandising emphasis is skewed too heavily toward this group.

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