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Email Marketing: How Top Retailers Fare When It Comes To Effectiveness
Guest Column | By Nikki Baird, managing partner, RSR Research

Email remains one of the most valuable marketing tools for today’s retailers. In fact, most can tell you that if they stop sending emails, their sales will drop, and most watch their subscriber churn rates very closely. But beyond these measures, there’s been no real way to holistically view the general practices that can make or break a retailer’s email strategy — until now.

Why Isn’t Retail High-Tech?
Guest Column | By Justin Patton, The Auburn University RFID Lab

Ask most retail store employees today what’s the most high-tech equipment they use in their jobs on a regular basis and they’ll probably tell you it’s their handheld bar code scanner, technology widely adopted and reliably deployed since 1982 — the same year the Commodore 64 was released. This is not an industry that quickly embraces new gadgets.

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How Predictive Analytics Are Shaping Your Supply Chain
Q&A | With Greg Holder, Compliance Networks

Greg Holder, CEO and co-founder, Compliance Networks, talks to RetailITInsights.com about predictive analytics’ impact on the retail supply chain, as well as the seven most effective methods for developing and deploying a vendor compliance program.

Why AI Isn't The Be-All And End-All Of Retail And Data Is
Guest Column | By Jason Woosley, Magento

Everywhere you look companies are talking about using artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, or virtual assistants as part of their e-commerce strategy. More often than not, these types of technologies are still in the “hype” phase: a lot of speculation, but not much implementation.

In Case You Missed It
Guest Column | By Greg Zakowicz, Oracle + Bronto

We can all agree email is a powerful tool to reach and engage with customers, so how do you ensure your email program is effective and among the 15 percent of emails consumers actually find consistently useful? You need to start by ramping up your sophistication.

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