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Pay Attention To Startups And D2C
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Ever since I returned from ShopTalk, I’ve dedicated time to learning more about the startups that exhibited at the show as well as others in incubation labs around the country. You’ll read more about startups in the upcoming issue of May/June issue of Innovative Retail Technologies, which will hit your mailboxes later this month.

Industry Insights
Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Mobile Order-Ahead Feature Using Waze App

Dunkin’ Donuts is launching a mobile order-ahead feature through Google’s Waze mapping and navigation application — the first time a retailer or brand has partnered with Waze to deliver that capability. Order Ahead is being offered to Dunkin' Donuts' DD Perks rewards club members, and it allows a customer to order and pay for a beverage or food before they arrive at a Dunkin' Donuts location, and then skip the line to pick up their purchase when they arrive.

Ruling Means Victory For Merchants Over Swipe Fees

Retailers and credit card companies have been battling over swipe fees for years, and now retailers have been awarded at least a temporary victory in a recent Supreme Court ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a New York State law that prevented retailers from disclosing to shoppers that a “surcharge” on credit card purchases in being imposed is essentially a speech regulation that could be unconstitutional, according to Law.com.

Why Walmart's Free Shipping Play Won't Work

Welcome news to consumers though it may be, the impact of Walmart’s free two-day shipping play will have minimal impact on consumer loyalty to Amazon.

Leveraging Top Trends In Digital Marketing

The very first thing for retailers to understand about digital marketing is that a plan that may have worked beautifully for a competitor may not work at all for them. That’s one of the biggest challenges and why so many retailers are experiencing results from digital marketing campaigns that fall short of what could be achieved. Digital marketing isn’t different from any other type of marketing in that the best results are achieved from solid foundations — and the only way to build a truly rock solid foundation is to completely understand both your customers and the products that you sell.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Are You Ready For Location-Based Payments?
By Asif Khan, founder, Location Based Marketing Association

Learn why and how a growing number of merchants and consumers are turning toward mobile-based proximity payments.

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