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Critical Components To Achieving The Perfect Order

Delivering on customer expectations comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: Getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. For merchants, the perfect order means accomplishing this at the optimal cost and efficiency. By achieving the perfect order, merchants will delight customers with the ultimate omni-channel experience of buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere, and operate an efficient and profitable business.

How To Turn EPC Compliance Into Revenue

When the retailers you sell to hand down an EPC mandate, make sure you are prepared with a well-thought out strategy to ensure the best possible outcome. We’ll show you how to start with a pilot RFID project and turn it into a big success for your operation.

Turning Exceptional Customer Care Experiences Into A Profit Center

In the age of the consumer, every retailer must create the exceptional Amazon-like service experiences that consumers have come to expect or risk going out of business.

Amazon's Push To Become Grocery Market Leader

Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal worth roughly $13.7 billion, a move that speaks volumes about the future of the rapidly growing e-grocery market. The move falls in line with Amazon’s recent forays into the grocery industry as well as their ever expanding distribution presence.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Is There Enough Millennial Mindshare In Merchandising?
By Matt Pillar

One of the latest reports produced by Retail Systems Research points out millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest portion of the U.S. population (25 percent). Yet, the report also points out the potentially problematic fact that retailers are fixated on catering to a very different, rarely mentioned group: Generation X. In fact, the survey of 108 merchants found that 48 percent of them identify Generation X as the one that best represents their core consumer.

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