Featured Editorial
Introducing Retail Solutions Network
From The Editor | By Erin Harris

We’re proud to introduce Retail Solutions Network, a collection of robust, data-rich resources designed to help retailers become an indispensable part of their customers’ lives by delivering the personal experiences that constantly exceed expectations. Comprising print and digital media, the Retail Solutions Network aids every member of the retail enterprise from the corner office to the store floor.

Amazon Spark Allows Users To Shop Via Social Media
Article | By Christine Kern

Amazon's new content feature works on its mobile app and allows users to shop items they see in photos.

Inside Target's Changes To Cartwheel
Article | By Christine Kern

Target has announced it is ending a pilot rewards program via the Cartwheel app, but promises something better is in the works.

Industry Perspectives
How To Avoid Cultural Potholes On The Road To Global Expansion
Guest Column | By Sue Welch

The business headlines are littered with tales of global expansion gone awry. While the reasons behind the struggles are complex, there is a common thread in these experiences: Missing the cultural differences and needs of the target market.

AV Over IP Creates New ROI Paradigm In Retail Environments
Guest Column | By Lewis Eig

Our lives — at work and play — revolve around computer networks. And in retail, most of the technologies we use are IP-based and connect to, or through, the network: VOIP/telephony, Wi-Fi, cell phones, conferencing, control signals, access control, CCTV, etc. And that’s not to mention the impact of cloud computing on our daily routines. Everything lives through “the network.”

Retail IT Insights
6 Customer Care Trends To Thrive In The Age Of The Consumer
White Paper | By Radial

Long gone are the days when customer care was essentially just a cost center for retailers. Today, customer care can — and should — be a profit center and a key differentiator that enables retailers to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. The secret to success is providing consumers with a fast and frictionless service experience regardless of the channel they use.

Predictive Analytics Brings Retailers Closer To Omni-Channel Customers
Guest Column | By Yan Krupnik

If you’re a retailer reading this, you need to pat yourself on the back! Based on the amount of retailers that have been forced to shut their doors there is a major shift that is moving through the retail industry at full force.

Not Your Father’s Battery Technology
Podcast | With JR Rodrigues

Think you know everything about batteries’ effect on your retail organization? Think again. Listen in as JR Rodrigues, VP marketing at Global Technology Systems, talks innovation in battery technology with Innovative Retail Technologies’ chief editor, Erin Harris. They cover what’s truly new and different in battery and charger technology, and why you can’t afford to overlook it.


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