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Robot Deliveries A Reality

For customers in Redwood City, California, and Washington, D.C., soon their deliveries may be coming via robot.  If successful, the pilot could bring new flexibility to merchants and retailers across the nation.

Clarks Achieves One View Of The Customer

Via a customer data and engagement solution, the iconic shoemaker personalizes the shopping journey and achieves a 360-degree view of the customer.

Why Innovation Will Improve Your Business

It's time to challenge retail leadership. We talk about new customer experiences, equipped associates, and commerce anywhere, anytime. The truth is retail is run by old thinking and old metrics. The new entrepreneurial thinking wants to create a company from an idea, sell it, and move on. That difference between the old and new thinking in business creates a gap in retail leadership that will continue to get wider.

Expediting The Investigation And Reconciliation Of Deduction Claims

Merchandise suppliers explain what information is required to quickly and efficiently identify the specific reason for a deduction and determine its validity.


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