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Industry Insights
Slumping Sales Hit Major Retailers Hard As Sears And JCPenney Make Cuts

JCPenney to shutter 140 stores while Sears lays off 130 at its Chicago headquarters.

Two Use Cases For Artificial Intelligence

What do modern customer engagement and inventory management applications have in common? Increasingly, they both leverage artificial intelligence.

The Rise Of Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service is no longer limited to ATMs and gas stations. The kiosk marketplace is expanding rapidly, as consumers become more and more accepting of self-service technologies. According to a recent survey, 85 percent of Americans and 91 percent of millennials have used a self-service checkout kiosk.

How In-Aisle Checkout Creates Bigger Tickets

We’ve all been there: You go out shopping, you’re going through the motions and making progress, and suddenly analysis paralysis overwhelms you. Maybe you’re trapped in the dressing room, and you’ve picked out too many options. Maybe you’re standing in the aisle and looking at 20 different handbags, and you don’t even know where to start. Or maybe you’ve picked an item you want, but your mind has now traveled back in time to philosophy class, and suddenly you’re thinking about the difference between want and need.

4 Key Video Trends For 2017

The rate of change in the retail industry is astonishing, as organizations strive to keep pace with omni-channel selling, personalization, and demand for an enhanced in-store customer experience. Retail technologies are evolving at a similarly rapid pace, making it possible to do more than ever with the masses of business and customer data being collected every day.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Don't Wait To Save The Store
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

This headline may have you believe that the store is hanging on for dear life. While brick-and-mortar retailing isn’t on life support, brick-and-mortar retailing as we once knew it is. Just ask Macy’s, Sears, and The Limited. As e-commerce gains momentum by the day, over- and under-inventoried stores with ill-informed associates and aged technologies pose tangible issues for most brick-and-mortar retailers. Yet, there’s much more to resuscitating the store experience than any one 600-word article can tackle. For the sake of this article, let’s focus on a top brick-and-mortar concern we can all agree on — the associate’s ability to engage the customer.

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