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The Mid-Market Retailer's Guide To Winning The E-Commerce Race

Intense competition and heightened consumer expectations aren’t unique challenges to the mid-market retailer. There’s one critical difference: Mid-market retailers lack the resources that the biggest players do have to overcome those challenges. With already small margins, if you’re among this group, you may find yourself just scraping by. But the odds don’t have to be stacked against you.

Is Walmart's Pickup Discount The Wave Of The Future?

Walmart recently announced that they will be launching “Pickup Discount,” a new feature to their e-commerce site that will lower the prices on online-only items if the customer chooses to pick up at a local store instead of opting for shipping. This latest move demonstrates the retail giant’s determination to best its online competitor, Amazon, but it is also indicative of the future of retail, according to the results of a new study from Walker Sands.

7 Ways To Optimize Omni-Channel Engagement

Technology plays a strategic role in a retailer’s ongoing effort to engage the customer.

The TLS Changeover: Why You Should Start Preparing

The next big deadline in payment processing is on the way, but surprisingly no one’s talking about it yet. In June 2018, the TLS changeover deadline is coming. It might seem far away, but it’s going to require a lot of work from merchants, and it’s best to get started soon. Because if you’re not ready in time, it’ll cost you.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Inside Lionel's Omni-Channel Growth
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Here’s how an improved e-commerce strategy fueled the legendary train maker’s growth in just four months.

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