No-cost, no-obligation opportunity assessments: on-site or online. Compliance Networks offers secure, SaaS solutions for supply chain visibility, vendor performance optimization, and vendor compliance.

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Featured Editorial
Partnership Formed To Harness Emerging Technology For Retail
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Born from a mutual interest in retail, technology, and data, the Retail Industry Leaders Association's (R)Tech Center for Innovation is partnering with Zebra Technologies to identify and harness emerging technologies in the global retail industry.

Behind Neiman Marcus' Digital First Strategy
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

The new strategy includes technology that allows sales personnel to better leverage customer data and analytics — including searching preferences and browsing history — to create outfits for customers and deliver the suggestions via text messages.

The Personalization Myth: Why Most Email Programs Suck
Guest Column | By Greg Zakowicz, Oracle + Bronto

We can all agree email is a powerful tool to reach and engage with customers, so how do you ensure your email program is effective and among the 15 percent of emails consumers actually find consistently useful? You need to start by ramping up your sophistication.

Retail IT Insights
How Rack Room Shoes Leverages Video Surveillance
Case Study | By March Networks

Great service with a personal touch and superior quality is a winning formula in any business. It’s also the main reason Rack Room Shoes relies on video surveillance systems to fight fraud and shrinkage at its more than 475 stores across the United States.

The State Of Retailer-Vendor Supply Chain Relationships
White Paper | By Compliance Networks

The consumer goods to retail supply chain has clearly been the most prominent and quite arguably the most important sector of the supply chain for decades.

Fashion Retailer's Stairway To Customer Experience Nirvana
White Paper | By NetSuite

The malls and shopping centers of America are littered with the ghosts of fashion retailers that once ran a thriving business — Fashion Bug, Cache, Casual Corner. Whether it was e-commerce, larger competition, a recession, or the failure to embrace a new technology or fashion trend, they found themselves unable to adapt.

Fostering Brand Loyalty During Peak Season
Article | By Global Technology Systems, Inc.

The peak season will likely bring in many customers new to your brand. Retailers can take advantage of the busy holiday season by creating a positive customer experience that will help foster brand loyalty and convert casual shoppers into repeat customers. So, how can retailers earn new customers this peak season?

In Case You Missed It
Magazine Article | By Erin Harris, editor in chief

By marrying traditional retail and interactive, innovative technologies, The Dandy Lab delivers a useful, memorable customer experience that’s redefining the industry.

Retail Planning

Retalon Planning Solutions are part of one integrated solution for intelligent retailing that is based on the common predictive analytic platform. This allows the system to account for all mutual dependences of the company planning and execution processes, provide users with very high accuracy of each prediction, optimize the entire process, and achieve significant, tangible benefits for the entire organization.

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SATO S84/86-ex Series High-Performance Print Engines

Maximize productivity for 24/7 mission-critical applications. SATO's flagship print engines are used by the world's best print and apply systems.

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SATO America
Payments, Tax & Fraud

Let Radial handle the complexity and risk of payment processing, fraud management, and tax compliance. Our fully outsourced solution turns orders into revenue, sends criminals running, keeps governments satisfied, and turns one-time shoppers into repeat customers.

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Zip Clock

Access online employee time clock, time tracking, and schedule enforcement.

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