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ShopTalk 2017: IoT And AI Dominate
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that ShopTalk 2017 was a hit. I walked away from the show more informed on the future of retail than when I was when I walked in. I suspect there are quite a few meetings and conversations taking place as retail execs share what they learned with their teams. In a nutshell, the content was top notch. Here are some of the sessions I attended and what I learned:

Industry Insights
Target Ramps Up Its Data Analytics Game

Deals bolster the retailer’s ability to accelerate onboarding of talent and technologies to market.

New Survey Finds That 87 Percent Of Millennials Click-And-Collect

Consumers want integration of mobile and in-store capabilities to facilitate shopping.

Creating The Right Retail Strategy For E-Commerce In The Age Of Amazon

It’s a jungle out there, and retailers are in a fight for survival of the fittest—just ask some of the casualties. This isn’t fear mongering. It is a retail reality being driven by table stakes set by the likes of Amazon.

Leveraging Top Trends In Digital Marketing

The very first thing for retailers to understand about digital marketing is that a plan that may have worked beautifully for a competitor may not work at all for them. That’s one of the biggest challenges and why so many retailers are experiencing results from digital marketing campaigns that fall short of what could be achieved. Digital marketing isn’t different from any other type of marketing in that the best results are achieved from solid foundations — and the only way to build a truly rock solid foundation is to completely understand both your customers and the products that you sell.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Tech That Keeps Associates In Check
By Matt Pillar, Innovative Retail Technologies

Convenience chain QuickChek gained huge store-level efficiencies by replacing manual legacy systems with a progressive suite of workforce management applications.


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