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Closing The Gender Gap In Fintech Leadership
Guest Column | By Tonya Flickinger, Blispay

With continued economic growth there are many tech positions in need of filling, including many in leadership. Despite this need, qualified women looking to enter into leadership positions in the tech world face many challenges. What can be done about this? What can women do to turn the tide? I want to share my viewpoint on the situation, which some may find controversial. But hear me out.

How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Payment Security
Q&A | With Troy Leach And Mauro Lance Of The PCI Security Standards Council

The PCI Security Standards Council's Troy Leach, CTO, and Mauro Lance, COO, discuss the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, other standards on the horizon, and initiatives built to help you navigate the payment security landscape.

Retail IT Insights
Why You Need A Vendor Compliance Optimization Program
Q&A | With Greg Holder, Compliance Networks

Retailers face daunting and complex challenges with regard to their omni-channel supply chains. There are countless reasons why retailers can’t go it alone. Greg Holder, CEO and co-founder of Compliance Networks, provides detailed solutions — including a vendor compliance optimization (VCO) program — that can help retailers leverage the benefits of supply chain visibility.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Unsubscribe
Guest Column | By Greg Zakowicz, Oracle + Bronto

You might never fall in love with the idea of an unsubscribe, but you can at least learn to live with it. And when you take the time to learn from the customers who are unsubscribing from your list, you can gain valuable insights to strengthen your email program and drive more revenue.

In Case You Missed It
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

As the holiday shopping season gets closer, companies are scrambling for their share of an expected $929.15 billion in sales from November and December. Within that spend, more than 10 percent of total sales will happen online where Amazon is the undisputed king.

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MB200i Portable Printer

The new SATO Mobile MBi Series portable printers are the ideal solution for portable print applications. Their compact size, rugged design, and light weight make them ideal for mobile, on-demand printing needs. It's one of the industry's first to implement both peel and present and linerless material handling capabilities built into the standard unit.

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