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Searchlight for Retail is a powerful software application from March Networks that makes it easy and fast to locate the video evidence you need. Our intelligent solutions keep you covered in the event of theft, vandalism, or even organized retail crime by providing the detailed video images you need to rapidly investigate and solve suspicious incidents.
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Toys “R” Us Enhances E-Commerce

Toys “R” Us let its digital initiatives slide at a time when its competitors were recognizing the importance of e-commerce. Now, in a concerted effort to win back the customers it has lost to its rivals, USA Today reports that the toy giant has pledged resources to the creation of a new website and the invigoration of its e-commerce experience. The revamp is just part of a nearly $100 million investment.

Staples Adds CISO

Brett Whalin joins the company as head of global enterprisewide information, product, and data security.

Planning Proficiency At The Paper Store

Take a look at how the 60-store specialty retail chain took control of its diverse merchandise mix and overcame the ups and downs of seasonality.

What The Internet Of Things Really Means For Retail

At the NRF BIG Show this January, we guaranteed you wouldn’t be able to swing your show bag in a circle without hitting a vendor touting its IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled widget. The IoT has quickly moved from a futuristic concept to a worn-out buzzword in the retail industry — so quickly, in fact, many merchants haven’t had the time to fully grasp what the IoT is, much less why its important to the future of retail.

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Reimagining Retail Brick By Click
By Innovative Retail Technologies magazine

With the ever-increasing impact of digital channels on consumer behavior, retailers need better tools and approaches to remain competitive.

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