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2018: The Year Of The Digital Customer Experience
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Digital marketers and agencies are ramping investments in automation and programmatic platforms to power data-driven customer experience. These trends will create high-growth business opportunities in advertising technology, marketing technology, and digital marketing services in 2018 and through 2021.

Retail IT Services Market Will Expand To $117 Billion By 2021
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

The rapid retail transformation being forced by Amazon and Walmart, combined with scarcely available IT talent, is forcing retailers to increasingly look to outside partners for IT services.

Why Next-Gen Security Is Crucial To Digital Transformation Of The Omni-Channel
Guest Column | By Susan McReynolds, CenturyLink

Because data fuels digital transformation, retailers are prime targets for cybercriminals to launch advanced attacks. If digital initiatives are not strategically developed and deployed with security serving as a foundation to the entire process, it can become a vicious — as opposed to virtuous — cycle.

How To Make Gift Cards Keep On Giving
Guest Column | By Julie Smith, Point B

Gift cards are easy to sell, and people want them. But how do retailers make the most of this platform as an entry point for new customers? How do you make sure the recipients of your company’s gift card do not become part of the 6 to 10 percent of gift card recipients who never redeem their card? When these customers do come in, how can you ensure they are not “one-and-done?”

Retail IT Insights
Unified Commerce: An Opportunity For Stores
Article | By Cegid

Gone are the days of analog commerce. Today, it’s all about unified commerce and the convergence of sales channels (multichannel, cross-channel, omni-channel). In this new model, the point of sale and the people play central roles.

3 Ways To Save Millions On Transit Packaging
White Paper | By More from Less

Getting your product into a package is, in truth, relatively easy. Getting your product into the optimal package, however, is more complicated. Being optimal can be a game changer to survival in today’s competitive retail and omni-channel environment, so it’s worth considering what it takes to make this happen.

Survey: Merchants Don't Have The Tech Shoppers Want
Article | By Cayan

Only a few years ago it was unimaginable for anyone but the largest retailers to have access to a full toolbox of omni-channel solutions; now it’s available to any chain or independent retailer that wants it. Time and again, it’s clear that these solutions simplify checkout, improve insights, and boost the bottom line. So why aren’t more small to midsize merchants embracing these options?

In Case You Missed It
Guest Column | By Ryan Alovis, LensDirect

While most retailers believe e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail are a completely different experience, the factors that drive why customers decide to purchase are the same. What really makes a consumer shop online at a particular website versus another are the same reasons they would shop at a particular retail store over another: customer experience.


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