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UPS Study Reveals Online Shoppers’ Expectations
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Exceptional customer service, flexible delivery options, and optimized returns policies are among the top expectations for today’s online shoppers according to the fifth and final volume in the five-part series of the 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper.

How To Use Holiday Shopping To Bond With Your Customers
Guest Column | By Deb Gabor, Sol Marketing

Unlike websites, stores can inspire their customers into loyalty with a single shopping experience. Great store brands capitalize on the holiday shopping season to build brand bonds with the power to extend well beyond January. Retail brands that will win this holiday season — and the rest of the year — employ many of the following strategies.

Retail IT Insights
Is Cloud Your Best Bet For Video Surveillance?
Q&A | With Dan Cremins, March Networks

Dan Cremins, global leader of product management at March Networks, talks to RetailITInsights.com about the importance of video-based business intelligence in the retail industry. He also provides tips on how to determine whether cloud is best for video surveillance.

5 Steps To Improving The Customer Experience
Guest Column | By Matt Rhodus, NetSuite

Retailers are under enormous pressure to provide better shopping experiences while remaining profitable. That has meant evaluating different technology platforms with the hope of improving the customer journey efficiently and cost-effectively. Yet, most are scratching their heads at where to even begin.

Retailer Myth: Drop Tests Mean No Transit Damage
Article | By More from Less

If you’re thinking about preventing product damage given the rigorous demands of ocean and parcel shipping, you are probably thinking about test protocols that inform your design specifications. But don’t be lured into thinking a positive test result is the silver bullet to ensure your product is fully protected from damage.

13 Keys To Retail Vendor Compliance
White Paper | By Compliance Networks

Retail vendor compliance is a complicated, and at times controversial subject as consumer goods manufacturers are generally not happy about paying penalties for non-performance, and there is no question there have been examples of retailers running programs that appear abusive to some suppliers. When this happens, vendors view compliance programs as fundamentally unfair, perceiving the “chargebacks” to be at times arbitrary, often not clear, and set at overly high levels.

How To Run Your Business While On The Road
Article | By Hubworks

There are countless business opportunities that allow for people to make the switch to traveling entrepreneurship, whether they’re doing consulting or e-commerce sales. But the same characteristics that make being a suitcase entrepreneur seem so amazing can also make for some stressful and even terrible experiences.

In Case You Missed It
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Using artificial intelligence and other technology to analyze store data could help investors and other stakeholders determine the future of those locations and help predict store closings and other factors.

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