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Searchlight for Retail is a powerful software application from March Networks that makes it easy and fast to locate the video evidence you need. Our intelligent solutions keep you covered in the event of theft, vandalism or even organized retail crime, by providing the detailed video images you need to rapidly investigate and solve suspicious incidents.
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Traditional Authentication Puts Retailers At Risk

What is composite authentication, and why does it matter?

Inside Cavender’s Culture Of Collaboration

Interdisciplinary interaction is the recipe for success at Cavender’s, where operations, merchandising, and marketing work as a cohesive business unit.

Friendly Fraud: What It Is And How To Prevent It

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly. With the demand for online shopping higher than ever before, retailers and brands are doing everything in their power to grab consumers’ attention and more importantly, their wallets. With access to an unlimited marketplace at their fingertips, consumers’ concept of patience is hastily diminishing.

4 Key Video Trends For 2017

The rate of change in the retail industry is astonishing, as organizations strive to keep pace with omni-channel selling, personalization, and demand for an enhanced in-store customer experience. Retail technologies are evolving at a similarly rapid pace, making it possible to do more than ever with the masses of business and customer data being collected every day.

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Kroger's IoT-Inspired Innovation
By Matt Pillar

Kroger doubles down on the Internet of Things.

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