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5 Retail Trends To Watch During The Year Of Evolution

The trends this year retailers really need to focus on won’t be around the hottest new technologies or latest fads. Instead, companies that focus on delivering consistent, engaging customer experiences will set themselves up for long-term success. But in order to run your business successfully and provide the brand experiences shoppers expect, you must first have the right foundational systems in place.

Do You Support The Modern Omni-Channel Customer Journey?

The omni-channel model gives consumers the ability to have a seamless shopping experience. This means from the customer perspective, all offline and online activities are part of one unified process. For example, a modern shopper expects the ability to perform tasks such as ordering in-store items from their mobile phone and returning online purchases at a physical store. 

How In-Aisle Checkout Creates Bigger Tickets

Making that buying decision is a difficult one. That’s why so many people bring friends along to help them shop, and that’s why the past several years have seen so much growth in the “boutique” model, where associates are ready to guide you through each step. Today’s customers want help, and the statistics show exactly that.

Leveraging Smartphone Use To Attract Shoppers

In today’s world, where our downtime is filled with smartphones, there is a multibillion dollar opportunity to improve the smartphone experience by making what appears first more useful.

5 Pillars To Unlimited Retail Growth

Today more than ever, it’s all about the customer. The expectations customers place on retailers are motivating retailers to deliver a best-in-class customer experience across channels. To achieve that goal, it’s all about simplicity in business process execution.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Is There Enough Millennial Mindshare In Merchandising?
By Matt Pillar

One of the latest reports produced by Retail Systems Research points out millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest portion of the U.S. population (25 percent). Yet, the report also points out the potentially problematic fact that retailers are fixated on catering to a very different, rarely mentioned group: Generation X. In fact, the survey of 108 merchants found that 48 percent of them identify Generation X as the one that best represents their core consumer.

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