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Why Product Images And Attributes Are Essential

Michelle Covey, VP of retail apparel and general merchandise for GS1 US, recently took time to talk with RetailITInsights.com about the GS1 US Best Practice Guideline for Exchanging Product Images and Attributes, as well as the differences between 360º imaging, 3D interactive imaging, and 3D modeling.

Target Launches Shopping Cart GPS
By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Target has announced it is adding beacon and Bluetooth technology to its mobile app that shows a user’s location on the app’s map as he or she moves through the store — like “GPS for your shopping cart.”

Retail IT Insights
How To Optimize The Customer Experience By Leveraging Existing Data
Article | Christophe Marcant, Stibo Systems

Companies have access to more data, in more dimensions, and from more sources than ever before. For retailers who haven’t yet embarked on, or solved, the Big Data riddle, it can be tempting to just go ahead and hoard all this data in an attempt to turn it into insights and actual business value with technologies such as machine learning. But, before turning to the latest shiny new technology, retailers need to manage the basics — their master data.

A Retailer’s Guide To Omni-Channel Customer Care
White Paper | By Radial

Delivering exceptional customer care in a world where most consumers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when they contact customer service isn’t easy. Consumers want a seamless experience when they need support, and they are quick to both reward and punish retailers based on their performance.

How Vendor Compliance Improves Supply Chain Performance
Q&A | With Greg Holder, Compliance Networks

Vendor compliance programs detect compliance problems and ultimately prevent them altogether, which has a critical impact on the supply chain. We connected with Greg Holder, CEO and founder of Compliance Networks, to learn more about how vendor compliance improves supply chain performance. Here's what he had to say.

Keeping Branch IT Current
Article | By Nick East, Zynstra

The branch is a tough, hostile IT environment. It is important branch IT doesn’t become the weak point in a retailer’s network that can be exploited. It’s not enough to invest in protecting just the head office or the data center — the branch network is the key battleground for security to modern cyberattacks.


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