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Searchlight for Retail is a powerful software application from March Networks that makes it easy and fast to locate the video evidence you need. Our intelligent solutions keep you covered in the event of theft, vandalism, or even organized retail crime by providing the detailed video images you need to rapidly investigate and solve suspicious incidents.
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6 Customer Care Trends To Thrive In The Age Of The Consumer

Long gone are the days when customer care was essentially just a cost center for retailers. Today, customer care can — and should — be a profit center and a key differentiator that enables retailers to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. The secret to success is providing consumers with a fast and frictionless service experience regardless of the channel they use.

Introducing Batteries-As-A-Service

Listen in as Innovative Retail Technologies’ Editor in Chief Erin Harris talks with Global Technology Systems' VP of Marketing JR Rodrigues about some of the next-gen ways retailers can leverage batteries to run their operations more effectively.

Study: Associates Lack Proper Digital Tech Training

One out of every four sales associates say they lack proper training and access to digital tools and technology to do their jobs properly, particularly as e-commerce grows, while 72 percent say they're are more likely to stay with a retailer if given the right tools and technology.

Why Supply Chain Analytics Are Suffering

Consumer pressure has pushed the “fast or free” delivery options to new “fast and free” demands, which means that, for 70 percent of the retail supply chain executives surveyed by RILA, their costs will just keep going up for the foreseeable future.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
A Craftsman Of Customer Centricity
By Matt Pillar

Whether in a stream or a store, Orvis Customer Experience Officer Dave Finnegan seeks a religious experience.

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