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Office Depot Names New CEO

Office Depot, Inc. has announced the appointment of Lenovo Executive Gerry P. Smith as its new chief executive officer, effective February 27. He will succeed current CEO Roland Smith when he retires.

The Repercussions Of Poor Customer Service

In a new study by customer experience analytics platform InMoment, customers around the world were nearly twice as likely as brands to say they associate anger with bad experiences, indicating feelings of betrayal if a brand fails to meet their basic needs. Simply put, when brands can’t deliver on even the most basic of promises, they risk turning away even the most loyal customers.

BI Drives Big Benefits For Oberweis Dairy

The application of sophisticated analytics in several departments breathes new life into a nearly century-old regional retailer.

Retail Analytics Drive Operational Efficiency

There’s certain obviousness to the relationship between business analytics and operational efficiency in retail and hospitality. It goes without saying, for instance, that the more data buyers have about the sell-through rate of a certain SKU, the more efficient their POs will be. Or that the more finite the finance department’s view into labor spend, the more accurate its labor forecasts and budgets will be.

The Drone Revolution

The use of drones for delivering online purchases is quickly attaining takeoff speed as the technology continues to rapidly evolve, major companies test solutions and the key players work with the government (the FAA) to establish flight rules. Many in the retail industry see drone technology as fanciful rather than formidable, but this is changing as both drone economics and capabilities come more into focus.

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Petland's Innovative Approach To POS
By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor

An intriguing decision to let its VP of finance lead a POS overhaul ensured the project’s success.

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