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Industry Insights
How To Turn EPC Compliance Into Revenue

When the retailers you sell to hand down an EPC mandate, make sure you are prepared with a well thought out strategy to ensure the best possible outcome. We’ll show you how to start with a pilot RFID project and turn it into a big success for your operation.

Rumors Of Grander Mountain Liquidation Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

In today’s climate of store closings, it is easy to see how the Gander Mountain bankruptcy and subsequent sale could lead to conclusions that the chain would be eliminated. While Camping World purchased the brand name, business, and website as part of the deal, they did not purchase the rights to current store inventory, which is being sold off by liquidators. The stores that remain open will be stocked with new merchandise after the liquidations are completed, and they will continue to operate under the Gander Mountain brand.

Retail Security: Deep Disconnects Among CEOs, CIOs, And Directors Of LP/AP

Securing retail is no simple task. Thanks to the enterprising criminal element and the constantly moving targets we know as security standards, it’s not even formulaic or prescriptive. It is, however, incredibly necessary, and its success does take a village of C-level execs and LP/AP/security professionals working congruously toward a myriad of goals. As congruity goes, our survey exercise reveals plenty of opportunity for improvement.

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Startups And D2C

Customers are craving new experiences. Many of these experiences are driven by technology, and the smaller startup tech companies that are often brushed aside need to be considered more seriously by today’s retailers.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
A Craftsman Of Customer Centricity

Whether in a stream or a store, Orvis Customer Experience Officer Dave Finnegan seeks a religious experience.

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