Manual Time Clocks Lead To Time Theft And Profit Loss

Nobody wants unhappy customers, but some processes make it unavoidable at times. For example, when employees clock in and out during shift changes long lines can form. Picture a smoother process where employees clocked in and out from a wall clock with reminders for breaks and overtime. With Zip Clock, employees clock in and out from a standalone time clock device or from their smartphone that uses geolocation positioning to ensure they are onsite. Learn more.

Featured Editorial
IKEA Augmented Reality App Provides A New Way To Shop
Article | By Christine Kern, Contributing Writer

IKEA partnered with Apple to create an augmented reality app that lets customers select items and superimpose their images over whatever room their camera is capturing.

Mobile Devices Driving Shift To Unified Commerce
Article | By Boston Retail Partners

According to a Boston Retail Partners report, the mobilization of retail and a renewed focus on customer centricity is the catalyst for the new retail paradigm of unified commerce.

Retail IT Insights
Add Inventory Management To Your To-Do List
Article | By Hubworks

When it comes to task management, don’t get so focused on sales that you neglect to add inventory monitoring and analysis to your to-do list. There are many new and innovative software applications — including apps you can download and use from mobile devices — to eliminate all of your inventory and stocking headaches.

Price Optimization With Predictive Analytics
Video | By Retalon

Smart retailers don’t compete on pricing, where cheaper means better. They compete on price analytics, where smarter strategies mean far higher margins.

Why Retailers Should Equip Temporary Holiday Workforce With Mobile Devices
Guest Column | By Samuel Mueller, Scandit

Hiring temporary help is a major task on its own. But even once retailers have recruited and placed seasonal associates, they need to train them and make sure they have the tools they need. Fortunately, mobile devices are available to alleviate these potential holiday headaches.

Streamlining Unified Commerce Complexity
White Paper | By NetSuite

Easy to describe, difficult to execute. Achieving a unified commerce platform requires a fundamental shift away from inward-looking systems and focuses instead on omn-ichannel commerce, which requires retailers to be outward looking, to focus on customer needs, wants, and behaviors.

4 Reasons You Need To Take Blockchain Seriously
Guest Column | By Sunny Lu, VeChain

Retailers are bombarded with so many new technologies it’s difficult to keep up. And while new opportunities may sound interesting, you already have your hands full solving core problems common to retailers and manufacturers. If you’re going to invest precious time investigating even one new technology, you need to consider blockchain. Why? Because blockchain is different.

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