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How Vendor Compliance Improves Supply Chain Performance
Q&A | By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Vendor compliance programs detect compliance problems and ultimately prevent them altogether, which has a critical impact on the supply chain. We connected with Greg Holder, CEO and founder of Compliance Networks, to learn more about how vendor compliance improves supply chain performance. Here's what he had to say.

Walmart Launches National VR Developer Competition
Article | By Christine Kern

Innov8: V-commerce seeks applications for technologies that will shape the future of commerce.

Retail IT Insights
5 Critical Wi-Fi Mistakes You Might Be Making
Article | By Ryan Orsi, WatchGuard Technologies

We've reached the point where most people carry at least one Wi-Fi-enabled device at all times, and by now, most retail organizations have realized offering a reliable Wi-Fi network for guests is a fundamental cost of doing business. But, Wi-Fi has become way more than just a tool used to connect to the internet. You can't just "set it and forget it" if you want to truly benefit from your wireless network.

Only The Analytical Survive: A New Era In Retail
Article | By Seymour Duncker, iCharts

Today, data is more important than ever. From the highest levels of management to the boots on the ground, there's a critical need for real-time insights. In order to survive, retailers big and small, online and physical, must change how they use data and analytics.

How Rent-A-Center Optimizes Merchandising And Drives Sales With Video
Case Study | March Networks

Retailers around the world are starting to embrace the idea that their video surveillance systems can help them do a lot more than catch shoplifters and dishonest employees.

How Redundancy Will Keep Your Site Up And Running
Article | By Jonathan Lewis, NS1

The widespread adoption of public cloud services by businesses of all types has raised awareness of how dependent we are all on these services. Ten years ago, an outage on a cloud storage service would not have made front-page news, whereas the recent Amazon S3 outage made headlines due to its significant, widespread impact.


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