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Featured Editorial
New Solutions Needed To Meet Supply Chain Challenges
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Inventory accuracy and visibility in real time has been a top internal challenge for retailers, but this year RSR Research has found retailers are finally getting a handle on it to meet today’s omni-channel requirements.

Let IT Focus On IT — Not Marketing
Guest Column | By Brian Rigney, Zmags

Marketing typically owns telling the brand's story and creating rich, omni-channel content, whereas IT owns the technical process of publishing that same content and the management to web assets. Historically, this is because the web has been considered a technical asset, now an outdated notion. It’s time to take content publication off IT’s plate and leave it to marketers.

Retail IT Insights
5 Perks That’ll Make Employees Love Their Job
Article | By Hubworks

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, there’s no arguing that today’s recruitment environment has become more challenging than ever. Top candidates rarely apply for job board listings, and the consequences of making the wrong decision can be severe.

Solving The Retail And Supply Chain Dilemma
Article | By Lauri Loikkanen, RELEX Solutions

The good old days of simply stacking the shelves and watching it sell are long gone, and the competition is fiercer than ever. You put huge amounts of time, money, and effort into getting shoppers to visit your store, and, still, many of them only come in to compare your assortment and prices against those of the world’s biggest mall, the internet, which they carry around with them everywhere. How can you compete against the whole world?

5 Retail Trends To Watch During The Year Of Evolution
White Paper | By NetSuite

The trends this year retailers really need to focus on won’t be around the hottest new technologies or latest fads. Instead, companies that focus on delivering consistent, engaging customer experiences will set themselves up for long-term success. But in order to run your business successfully and provide the brand experiences shoppers expect, you must first have the right foundational systems in place.

Internet Of Goods? You’re Already Part Of It.
Article | By Tom Rentschler, Swisslog WDS Americas

Introducing the Internet of Goods, the rapid digitization of the production, sorting, and movement of physical products.

Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits From New Battery Solution For Mobile Devices
Case Study | By Global Technology Systems, Inc.

A well-known, Top 10 retailer was experiencing significant problems with its voice and data (bar code scanners and printers) mobile devices in its scores of distribution centers and thousands of stores nationwide. It no longer needs to worry about its mobile batteries or chargers as they now have a complete, holistic solution.

Why You Ned To Develop An E-Commerce Packaging Strategy — Now
Article | By More from Less

Many companies say they're developing packaging for e-commerce shipping on an ad hoc basis, usually as Amazon specifically requests them to do so. But with the pace and scale of change happening in retail, no one can afford to wait to start thinking more systematically about how they’re shipping packages to consumers. 

How Flower Power Garden Centres Trims Losses
Case Study | By March Networks

Flower Power Garden Centres, an Australian retailer with 10 locations in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, took a major step toward managing its point of sale losses when it acquired a March Networks Searchlight for Retail software solution.

In Case You Missed It
Guest Column | By Bulent Osman, StaffConnect

Retail has a problem with employee engagement with nearly 35 percent of retail employees feeling disengaged. This is a big problem since, when an organization keeps people engaged, they have lower turnover, higher sales, and higher customer metrics.

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