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Industry Insights
How To Avoid Cultural Potholes On The Road To Global Expansion

The business headlines are littered with tales of global expansion gone awry. While the reasons behind the struggles are complex, there is a common thread in these experiences: Missing the cultural differences and needs of the target market.

Can Technology Bridge The Gap Between Strategy And Execution?

Today’s connected customer expects to be met with personalized experiences that consider their lifetime engagement history right alongside actions and behaviors they engaged in moments before. Should brands not meet this expectation, the customer is more than happy to take their business elsewhere.

Inside Kmart's Credit Card Breach

Kmart has been hit with a credit card breach for the second time in less than three years. Sears Holdings, which owns Kmart, said the investigation into the hack is still ongoing, so details on the dates of the breach, how many customers were affected, and which stores were targeted were not available.

What Walmart's Upgrades To Walmart Pay Mean For The Customer

The Walmart Pay electronic wallet now gives nearly instant access to Walmart credit cards at all store locations and online after customers are approved — even before a plastic card arrives by mail. 

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
The Ever-Evolving Role Of The Modern CIO
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

Today’s retail CIO must be equal parts technologist, trusted advisor, and business co-creator. Tom Schuetz, CIO at hhgregg and Innovative Retail Technologies Editorial Advisory Board member, shares his thoughts on digital transformation, multicloud environments, and the ever-evolving role of the CIO.


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