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Is There Enough Millennial Mindshare In Merchandising?

An RSR analyst expresses concern that merchandising emphasis is skewed too heavily toward Generation X.

The Mid-Market Retailer's Guide To Winning The E-Commerce Race

Intense competition and heightened consumer expectations aren’t unique challenges to the mid-market retailer. There’s one critical difference: Mid-market retailers lack the resources that the biggest players do have to overcome those challenges. With already small margins, if you’re among this group, you may find yourself just scraping by. But the odds don’t have to be stacked against you.

4 Key Video Trends For 2017

The rate of change in the retail industry is astonishing, as organizations strive to keep pace with omni-channel selling, personalization, and demand for an enhanced in-store customer experience. Retail technologies are evolving at a similarly rapid pace, making it possible to do more than ever with the masses of business and customer data being collected every day.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
Store Optimization: 2017's Major Strategic Focus
By Miya Knights, technology research director, Planet Retail

As the digitalization of the shopping journey reaches a tipping point, this year will make or break brick-and-mortar retailers who are still overspaced and underperforming.

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