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How JCPenney Is Leveraging Technology To Enhance The Customer Experience
By Christine Kern, contributing writer

JCPenney CFO Jeffrey Davis told The Wall Street Journal he believes new technology could improve the retailer's ability to cut operational costs and enhance the customer experience.

Kohl's Teams Up With Amazon
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Kohl’s has announced "The Amazon Smart Home Experience" will be coming to 10 of its stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas in October. These new spaces allow customers to purchase Amazon devices, accessories, and smart-home devices and services directly from Amazon.

Retail IT Insights
Add Inventory Management To Your To-Do List
Article | By Hubworks

When it comes to task management don’t get so focused on sales that you neglect to add inventory monitoring and analysis to your to-do list. There are many new and innovative software applications — including apps you can download and use from mobile devices — to eliminate all of your inventory and stocking headaches.

How Tech Provides An Inside Track To Product Testing Concerns
Guest Column | By Gary Barraco, Amber Road

Technology gives companies the edge and advantage to take preventative measures through visibility and reporting. With a pre-emptive process, brands can anticipate and respond promptly to issues by managing controlled risks. They can focus on uncertainties rather than certainties, and point to problems that need attention when a reactive measure is necessary.

What Powers The TSC Supply Chain?
Magazine Article | Matt Pillar, senior executive editor

Tractor Supply Co. is the favorite retail destination of the hobby gardener, backyard chicken farmer, and anyone who likes to spend time turning up dirt, tinkering with tools and power equipment, or raising animals. The mix of merchandise carried by Tractor Supply poses some unique challenges to its warehouse and DC operations.

Turning Your ERP Inside Out

White Paper | By NetSuite

Unlikely or unforeseen competitors continue to disrupt industries at an exponential pace. The innovation disruptors bring requires a key strategy: Put the customer at the center of your business and deliver great experiences to them. Understand how consistent, timely, relevant, and personalized experiences are enabled by having the right technology foundation in place.

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