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Featured Editorial
Retailers’ Next Big Challenge: Customer Fragmentation
Guest Column | By Michael Brown, A.T. Kearney

It’s not only Amazon putting on the pressure. Meeting the changing, segmented needs of tomorrow’s consumers has become vital for retailers’ success.

Is E-Commerce Really All That Different From Brick-And-Mortar?
Guest Column | By Ryan Alovis, LensDirect

While most retailers believe e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retaile are a completely different experience, the factors that drive why customers decide to purchase are the same. What really makes a consumer shop online at a particular website versus another are the same reasons they would shop at a particular retail store over another: customer experience.

Retail IT Insights
Stop Asking How To Be Productive: 5 Free iPhone Apps To Organize Your Life
Article | By Hubworks

The iPhone has revolutionized how we work, socialize, and how we go about managing our day-to-day tasks. And yet, the most popular smartphone of our time is still underused as the productivity center that it truly is.

Why Video Surveillance Was A Perfect Fit For Charlotte Russe
Case Study | By March Networks

A women’s clothing retailer with 560 stores in 45 states, Charlotte Russe began searching for a new video surveillance solution to replace a collection of aging stand-alone systems that couldn’t always be relied on to provide the video evidence the retailer required.

Is There Grit In Amazon’s Flywheel?
White Paper | By Radial

Amazon has achieved massive growth through a simple yet strategic business concept: the flywheel. However, the problem with a flywheel is that when one part breaks down, the overall system can fail rapidly. At least one of the core pieces of Amazon’s flywheel — the customer experience — is already under pressure. While this may have profound consequences for Amazon, there are larger implications for the rest of the e-commerce ecosystem.

A Guide For Solving Real-World Omni-Channel Challenges
White Paper | By NetSuite

In trying to keep up with the modern consumer, many fashion retailers have implemented multiple departmental solutions piecemeal, without fully considering the consequences of how these disparate systems will interact with each other. The result is a hodgepodge of processes that require significant resources to maintain. The inefficiencies and the demands they place on the organization leave retailers stuck in the past, inhibiting growth and innovation.

In Case You Missed It
Article | By Christine Kern, contributing writer

IKEA partnered with Apple to create an augmented reality app that lets customers select items and superimpose their images over whatever room their camera is capturing.

Inter-Store Inventory & Assortment Balancing

Retalon’s predictive analytics engine analyzes every single influencing factor of a retail supply chain and recommends the optimal inter-store transfer schedule to move merchandise from stores where it is collecting dust on the shelf to stores where the same products are out-of-stock and in high demand.

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