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Engaging Associates & Improving Profits Through Asset Protection Mobile Orientation

While evaluating company culture, I realized that to significantly impact loss and improve profits, we needed to do a better job of engaging associates from day one. After all, it’s not Human Resources’ job to convey the mission of Asset Protection to the entire organization. I also realized that I needed to move our focus from reacting to scenarios that caused loss to preventing them altogether.

6 Drivers In Restructuring Retail ITO Relationships

The last several years have ushered in a seismic, technology led transformation in retail industries.  Retail leaders are using technology to reimagine the traditional concept of the storefront as just one aspect of the omni-channel customer experience.  As retail and CPG IT needs have changed, so have supporting technologies led by mobility, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity.

Traditional Authentication Puts Retailers At Risk

What is composite authentication, and why does it matter?

Locking The Windows To The Retail Network

Why merchants must look beyond the obvious points of network intrusion, and why composite authentication is the cyber attacker’s kryptonite.

Top 5 Trends In Asset Protection Technology

The Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA’s) emerging technology committee identifies five of the most futuristic trends, cutting-edge technologies, and how to create a culture of innovation in the workplace.

Using Video To Audit Your Retail Operations

Innovative Retail Technologies caught up with Douglas Wong, vertical software applications product manager at March Networks, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, to identify the key considerations when using video for operations auditing purposes...

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How Skechers Eases Compliance Audits
By Erin Harris, editor in chief

New compliance audit software helps Skechers create, track, and manage compliance issues quickly and effectively.

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