Cegid is a leading player in the digital transformation of companies and a provider of cloud services and enterprise software to fashion, beauty and specialty retailers worldwide. Cegid focuses on omnichannel retailing, including POS, inventory and replenishment, clienteling, CRM and loyalty, e-commerce, and BI — all within a single, centralized database that works in real-time. Cegid's award-winning platform allows retailer to deliver a personalized experience and gain a holistic view of their shoppers, products and retail chain.

Industry Insights
ComScore Report: Holiday Spending Up 17% YOY

Consumers spent $80.2 billion online, with a 44 percent increase in mobile spending.

Experts Warn That Retailers Are In For A Bumpy Ride In 2017

While core retail sales rose 0.4 percent in January, analysts point to red flags that predict volatility.

Retailers' Omni-Channel Blind Spot: Digital The Death Of The Single-Channel Shopper

In RSR's latest Omni-Channel Benchmark Report, you'll learn whether the new view of the retail shopper translates into retailers finally taking definitive action or makes significant progress in achieving an omni-channel strategy.

Facts You Didn't Know About Retail Data Breaches

The sheer number and destructiveness of data breaches in the past few years are alarming and discouraging. However, there is cause for hope. Most of the cyberattacks had a great deal in common. One of the most compelling similarities in all attacks was the use of compromised credentials. Three-quarters of all breaches were largely due to weak or stolen credentials.

Retail Analytics Drive Operational Efficiency

There’s certain obviousness to the relationship between business analytics and operational efficiency in retail and hospitality. It goes without saying, for instance, that the more data buyers have about the sell-through rate of a certain SKU, the more efficient their POs will be. Or that the more finite the finance department’s view into labor spend, the more accurate its labor forecasts and budgets will be.


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