Multidev Technologies is an industry leader in the development of fully integrated ERP and omni-channel software for retail, e-tail, and wholesale. Dedicated to delivering advanced innovation and technology, Multidev’s revolutionary ChainDrive software provides today’s retailer with “real-time” valuable insight across the enterprise. Comprising industry specific retail process components that leverage a centralized database, ChainDrive’s unified commerce platform enables retailers to maximize productivity, improve efficiencies, and optimize processes across all channels of their retail business.

Industry Insights
What Powers The TSC Supply Chain

$6.78 billion Tractor Supply Co. demands uptime from the mobile devices driving innovation in its warehouses and DCs.

Challenge Your Leaders: Why Your Retail Organization — And Your Job — Depend On It

It's time to challenge retail leadership. We talk about new customer experiences, equipped associates, and commerce anywhere, anytime. The truth is retail is run by old thinking and old metrics. The new entrepreneurial thinking wants to create a company from an idea, sell it, and move on. That difference between the old and new thinking in business creates a gap in retail leadership that will continue to get wider.

Are You Ready For Location-Based Payments?

Learn why and how a growing number of merchants and consumers are turning toward mobile-based proximity payments.

What The Internet Of Things Really Means For Retail

At the NRF BIG Show this January, we guaranteed you wouldn’t be able to swing your show bag in a circle without hitting a vendor touting its IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled widget. The IoT has quickly moved from a futuristic concept to a worn-out buzzword in the retail industry — so quickly, in fact, many merchants haven’t had the time to fully grasp what the IoT is, much less why it’s important to the future of retail.

From Innovative Retail Technologies Magazine
An Insider's Take On Innovation
By Matt Pillar, senior executive editor

We sat down with a pioneer of the retail innovation game to understand where he came from, how he works, and how he got to Neiman Marcus.

  The Secret To Growth? Bringing All Your Data Together

Watch our recorded webinar on how retailers can regain relevance with customers in the age of e-commerce giants. Find out how unifying siloed data leads to a truly 360º view of customers — so retailers can compete in a total commerce world. Watch now!

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