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How The GDPR Could Affect Your Marketing Strategy
A conversation with a team of GDPR Advisory Board experts

The General Data Protection Regulation will apply to anyone doing business in the EU that handles personal data — it doesn’t matter whether you’re based in the EU or not. One area of interest has been GDPR for marketers so we reached out to a team of GDPR Advisory Board experts and asked them for straightforward advice and help for those with queries about this new EU legislation.

Who Are The Disruptors Driving Retail Transformation?
News Analysis

A new study from RSR investigates the role of retail disruptors  — retailers that are defining the game of retail transformation — and the behaviors they are employing at the intersection of growth and scale to help the retail industry evolve.

Retail IT Insights
Mobile Device Battery Solution Yields Big Benefits For Top 10 Retailer
Case Study | By Global Technology Systems, Inc.

A well-known, top 10 retailer was experiencing significant problems with its voice and data (bar code scanners and printers) mobile devices in its scores of distribution centers and thousands of stores nationwide. It no longer needs to worry about imobile batteries or chargers thanks to a complete, holistic solution.

How Charlotte Russe Slashed Costs And Streamlined Operations Across The Company
Case Study | By ServiceChannel

Under new leadership, the Charlotte Russe facilities management team initiated a project to identify ways to further expand the usage of the ServiceChannel platform the company had deployed years ago. Previous to this project, the company had been using ServiceChannel primarily as a work order management platform.

Streamlining Unified Commerce Complexity
White Paper | By NetSuite

Easy to describe, difficult to execute. Achieving a unified commerce platform requires a fundamental shift away from inward-looking systems and focuses; instead, omni-channel commerce requires retailers to be outward looking, to focus on customer needs, wants, and behaviors.

Mobility Is The Future Of Payments — Are You Ready?
Article | By Cayan

Mobility has had a profound influence on a variety of industries, and payments is the latest that is undergoing a revolution. As mobile payment acceptance technology becomes more efficient and affordable, it’s become clear that mobile is the future of payments.


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Q&A | With The GDPR Advisory Board

GDPR will apply to anyone doing business in the EU that handles personal data — it doesn’t matter whether you’re based in the EU or not. If your company processes, stores, or transmits personal data belonging to EU residents, you’ll have to comply as well as show evidence you want to comply.

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