Newsletter | July 2, 2019

07.02.19 -- Order Consolidation Reduces Costs While Improving Customer Experience

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Beyond BOPIS — 5 Omni-Channel Must Haves
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In order to deliver the best cross-channel shopping experience, future-thinking retailers must go beyond buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) and push the envelope with inventive new tactics.

Order Consolidation Reduces Packaging Waste And Costs While Improving Customer Experience
Guest Column | By Susan Pichoff, GS1

With the retail landscape growing more competitive by the day, retailers need a robust strategy for omni-channel sales to grow. Consumers want the flexibility to buy online or in store. They demand fast delivery at a good price; shipping fees are a big turnoff. And they’re critical of seemingly excessive, wasteful packaging.

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Why The Distinction Between Online And Brick-And-Mortar Is Dead
Guest Column | By Heidi Dethloff, Digimarc Corporation

The lingering distinction between online and brick-and-mortar selling is finally dead. There is only one channel now, whichever the customer prefers. Selling is selling, wherever it happens.

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