Guest Column | January 25, 2016

Predictive Analytics Brings Retailers Closer To Omni-Channel Customers

Retalon Omni-Channel Analytics

By Yan Krupnik, Business Development Manager, Retalon Predictive Analytics

If you’re a retailer reading this in 2016, you need to pad yourself on the back! Based on the amount of retailers that have been forced to shut their doors in 2015 alone, there is a major shift that is moving through the retail industry at full force. (Here’s the list of stores closed so far this year.)

We’ve been talking about this for a while, and now retailers are feeling it. Consumer behavior & expectations have changed. So how can retailers reconnect with their customers?

We’ll focus on how Retalon predictive analytics can convert data to tangible actions, building a consistent experience for your customers, and stay agile and flexible enough for such a dynamic reality in multi-channel retailing.

Converting Data into Tangible Actions:

According to Accenture & Forrester Research, 71% of shoppers said they expect to view in-store inventory online, while 50% expect to buy products online and pick them up in a store of their choice. Unfortunately this is still a major disconnect between consumers and retailers as the Annual Supply Chain Benchmark Survey pointed out, 62% of retailers said inventory visibility was very important, but only 39% said the process was complete or even in progress.

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