Brochure | October 21, 2014

Price Management Through Product Life Cycle

Source: Retalon
Price Management Through Product Life Cycle

Pricing is typically the most powerful lever a business has on its profitability. Small improvements in pricing deliver more profit than corresponding improvements in revenues, costs, and inventory management.

RETALON FORETUNE PRICING is an analytical tool designed specifically to take the guess work out of your price management.

Define price strategies for categories, or any product groups and let Retalon FORETUNE calculate optimal product prices at all stages of their life cycle.

Retalon FORETUNE automatically accounts for seasonality, any product attributes, cannibalization, sales level, inventory standing, corporate policies, constrains and competitive prices.

The chief benefit of the RETALON FORETUNE PRICING for retailers is the ability to produce the most profitable pricing campaigns from the product’s introduction, throughout the product’s entire life cycle

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