Guest Column | November 23, 2009

Punished By Rewards

By Inez Blackburn, Retail Expert/Marketing Consultant

Why should we change our performance metrics when we have so much on our plate already?

  • More demanding, socially conscious consumers
  • Impact of global economy
  • Emergence and convergence of technology
  • Impact and opportunity of demographic shifts and affluence of emerging economies
  • Renewed focus on distribution economics
  • Changing retail landscape convergence and emergence of sales channels


These forces will individually and collectively impact and alter your value chain and will change how and where consumers live shop and work. Are you prepared for what lies ahead? Are your old ways of working giving you the desired result or do you need to find new ways of working together?

Consumers are evolving and are more demanding, resulting in the current revolution in how companies are designed, measured, and rewarded.