Retail Planning

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Retail Planning

Retalon Planning Solutions are part of one Integrated Solution for Intelligent Retailing that is based on the common Predictive Analytic Platform. This allows the system to account for all mutual dependences of the company Planning and Execution processes, provide users with very high accuracy of each prediction, optimize the entire process, and achieve significant, tangible benefits for the entire organization.

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All Retalon Planning Solution are based on Retalon’s Integrated Predictive Analytic Platform, called FORETUNE. FORETUNE produces accurate future consumer demand forecast as well as helps maintaining and determining the relationships between plan entities. From the high level Demand Plan where only one or a few metrics are planned, through the entire Merchandise Planning Process, down to the detailed Store Assortment Plan, Retalon has the optimal solution for each.

Once aligned with your organization’s corporate policies, the system provides a dynamic framework to plan for the future, execute the plan, and track the progress – so users can strategically plan their actions for maximum benefit.
Retalon Planning Solution allows users to create variety of different plans for different purposes.

Download the Retail Planning Solution Maps now to learn more.

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