White Paper

Retail Transaction Savings: Its all about increased speed and accuracy

Source: Vanguard Managed Solutions

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No matter what their size, segment or longevity in the market, there are four goals that retailers consistently tell us about upgrading the enterprise. They all want to:

  1. Increase labor productivity, by adding intelligence to the supply chain and eliminating redundant and wasteful operations. This is often impossible to do in a dial up situation.
  2. Reduce investment in distribution center capacity by efficient utilization of space.
  3. Magnify return on inventory investment by compressing the cycle through the supply chain. Direct store delivery can do this, Collaborative Planning and forecasting can too, but not if you can't share the data with your other stores your distribution centers or suppliers. The largest most successful retailers (Home Depot, and Target) have already done so.
  4. Speed the transaction time of credit verifications by centralizing the processing.

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