News | June 7, 2012

SAP Releases SAP's Visual Intelligence to Keep its Data Visualization Applications Up To Par With The Rise of In-Memory Databases

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  1. What is SAP® Visual Intelligence™?

SAP Visual Intelligence is our latest innovation in the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer solution family. It is a desktop-based visualization and data manipulation solution that allows business users to acquire data from a variety of corporate and personal data sources and manipulate without any scripting. They can then analyze this data, with beautiful visualizations, quickly discovering unique insight that can be easily shared, shaping the business faster than ever before.

  1. What can you do with SAP Visual Intelligence?
  • From powerful data discovery to beautiful visual analytics, SAP Visual Intelligence is about bringing life to your data, finding the key information for better decisions. With SAP Visual Intelligence, you can:
    • Consume data the way you process thoughts: fast, interactive, and visual
    • Connect, access and visualize data without a single line of code
    • Get real-time answers on any volume of data
    • View the big picture and drill down to details
    • Share your findings instantly with others
  1. Is SAP Visual Intelligence currently available?

SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0 is generally available as of May 15, 2012.

  1. Will SAP Visual Intelligence be available globally?

Yes, SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0 will be available globally. English will be the only language supported initially however other languages will be available in future releases.

  1. Does SAP Visual Intelligence replace SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

No. SAP Visual Intelligence was created to complement and extend the value of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

  1. How is SAP Visual Intelligence different than SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

With the web and mobile experiences of Explorer, business users can quickly explore their data and build their own dashboards. SAP Visual Intelligence complements these two experiences while offering Business Analysts the ability to perform more advanced analysis using visualizations and graphs.

  1. Is SAP Visual Intelligence equally aimed at large and small or medium enterprises?

This new solution is not targeted at a specific size of organizations. SAP Visual Intelligence can be deployed to thousands of employees in large corporations to just a few people working for a small company.

  1. Can I try SAP Visual Intelligence with my own data?

Yes, you can. We have set up a trial environment where you can upload your data on SAP HANA and see how great SAP Visual Intelligence really is.


  1. Do we need SAP HANA if we wish to use SAP Visual Intelligence?

Yes, the first release (1.0) of SAP Visual Intelligence will only be able to connect to SAP HANA data sources. Future releases of SAP Visual Intelligence will able to access and acquire data from different data sources.

  1. What version of SAP HANA is compatible with SAP Visual Intelligence

You will need SAP HANA 1.0 SP3 Rev 26.

  1. What are the capabilities of SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0 on SAP HANA?
  • SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0 on SAP HANA provides the following capabilities:
    • Direct connectivity to huge volumes of HANA data online
    • Consume HANA analytic and calculated views
    • Enrich HANA analytic view with geographical information (maps)
    • Consume time hierarchies created in SAP HANA
  1. How does it compare with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer when used with SAP HANA

SAP Visual Intelligence is a desktop application. It is quick to download (approximately 150 MB) and install. Once installed, you can connect directly to your SAP HANA sources and start your data discovery and analysis. There is no configuration required or Information Spaces to create. Within a few minutes, you can go from downloading the application to creating beautiful visualizations.

SOURCE: SAP for Retail