Newsletter | March 6, 2019

03.06.19 -- Smart Technology Speeds Up Lines At A Busy University Cafeteria

Smart Technology Speeds Up Lines At A Busy University Cafeteria

Learn how the University of Utah dramatically expedited the ordering process in its cafeteria by installing three kiosks where students can place a high volume of orders in record time while allowing one kiosk to serve orders to multiple smart kitchen printers.

Smart Printers And Online Ordering Solution Fuel Restaurant Chain’s Growth

With plans for rapid expansion, Taziki’s looked to grow off-premise dining revenues and reduce labor costs in the face of changing labor laws. With Taziki’s existing POS system, there was no way to integrate online ordering without a costly and painful POS integration.

New POS Solution Greatly Improves Santa Cruz Boardwalk Concession Transaction Speed

Food sales deliver a large slice of the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s profitability. With the highest volumes of seasonal visitors coming on holiday weekends and pleasant summer days, POS system downtime delivers a huge blow.

Embedded ID Scanners Help Credit Union Crack Down On Identity Fraud

As one of the largest Arizona-based credit unions with $3.8 billion in assets and more than 3000.00 members at 47 locations, Desert Schools FCU needed a solid solution to help prevent fraudulent transactions and improve member service while conserving valuable space at the teller window.