Source: Auto~Star Compusystems, Inc.
The Star~Plus program gives retailers a solid, customizable framework in which to manage their business effectively.

The Star~Plus program gives retailers a solid framework in which to manage their business. From easy to use features at the front end to complete reporting and analyzing features at the back office, Star~Plus is customizable to any retailer's needs.

The following are a sample of the features can be found in the basic Star~Plus program or in add-on modules:

  • Product Management: Set up and maintain your product file all from one screen!
  • Product Reports: Summarize your store's information so you can make more informed decisions
  • Accounts Receivable: Allow customers to charge to their account
  • Signs and Labels: Print shelf labels, signs, and stickers in a customizable format.
  • Purchasing and Receiving: Calculate purchase orders and receive inventory manually or based on a previously processed purchase order. Track inventory using averages or FIFO.
  • Customer Loyalty: Reward customers with gift certificates, entry forms, discounts, extra points, or free gifts.
  • DSD Receiving: Streamline operations by using this module to support major manufacturers RF devices.
  • Integrated Credit & Debit