Article | March 15, 2016

7 Statistics About The Current State of Retail (And What We Can Learn From Each)

Source: Cayan
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A lot has changed in the retail space. From increased payment security thanks to the EMV liability shift to the proliferation of mobile payment platforms, the industry has come a long way, and that’s a good thing. Businesses are better able to serve customers than they were only a year ago thanks to new tools and technologies.

Still, the retail industry continues to evolve. With that in mind, here are seven statistics about the current state of retail and why they’re so important for businesses to understand.

1. 91 percent of shoppers want to pick up where they left off when they switch between shopping channels, such as desktop, mobile and brick-and-mortar.

Lesson: Consumers expect their shopping experience to be seamless, which is why retailers need to take on a truly omnichannel approach in 2016. Partially put together strategies won’t cut it anymore.