Guest Column | November 28, 2016

5 Steps To Improving The Customer Experience

Matt Rhodus, NetSuite Vertical Marketing Expert, ­ Retail

By Matt Rhodus, Retail Industry Solutions Executive for NetSuite

Retailers are under enormous pressure to provide better shopping experiences while remaining profitable. That has meant evaluating different technology platforms with the hope of improving the customer journey efficiently and cost-effectively. Yet most are scratching their heads at where to even begin.

Below are the five strategic steps retailers need to take to deliver superior customer experiences and resolve the technology obstacles that inhibit innovation.

Build your foundation

To achieve success in today’s digital competitive marketplace, businesses must simplify processes by consolidating their core systems. Remedying siloed systems and initiating a one-system approach is your first step. You’ll eliminate data fragmentation and duplication, while delivering real-time information, creating efficiencies and opportunities to improve the customer experience.

With a one-system approach, your back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and order and inventory management systems will reside on one platform. You’ll get a single source of the truth for customer, order and inventory data in real-time, making that data available to all existing and future front-end, customer-facing systems.