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SureDone Adds eBay Product Based Shopping Experience To Multichannel Platform

SureDone enhances its eBay support to include eBay's 2018 Spring Seller Update features

New York /PRNewswire/ - SureDone, a leading multichannel e-commerce listing and order management platform, has updated its software to incorporate phase one of eBay's new product based shopping format which was included in the eBay 2018 Spring Seller Update.

"We're excited to be one of the first companies to offer eBay's product based shopping experience within our platform," said Jason Nadaf, CEO and Founder of SureDone. "Being part of eBay's Developer Council with access to upcoming changes ensures our customers receive the latest eBay features very early in their release cycle."

eBay's product based shopping experience enables buyers to easily find merchandise that meets their search criteria and quickly decide which products they want to purchase. It consolidates similar listings into a unified view and lets the buyer prioritize what's important to them, such as price, condition or other criteria, making shopping the vast eBay catalog faster and easier. Phase one, released in May, includes select brands and products from the eBay catalog.

For sellers, product based shopping will require that listings be made with an identifier unique to each product. SureDone has enhanced its user interface to allow sellers to easily search eBay's catalog for the correct unique identifier and has also updated its bulk system to allow for the inclusion of this unique identifier. This has been further simplified with automatic lookups when a UPC or manufacturer part number has been provided.

Phase Two of the eBay product based shopping experience, expected to be released in August, will expand upon this foundation to include entire categories instead of specific products. eBay will also allow for the addition of new products and allow sellers to suggest edits on existing products. SureDone is already developing these enhancements and will make them available immediately following the eBay phase two rollout.

SureDone has also ensured it is compliant with many additional features released as part of eBay's 2018 Seller Update including eBay guaranteed delivery and streamlined return policies. SureDone is planning on releasing enhancements based on eBay's new Marketplace Insights API which provides demand and supply signals and pricing feedback on eBay listed products.

About SureDone
SureDone provides enterprise ready multichannel listing and inventory management with built in connections to marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Jet, a highly flexible automation engine supporting the import and export of data in almost any format from and to almost any system, a robust order management system recently included in the Forrester Now Tech: Omnichannel Order Management Systems report and a comprehensive open API to extend the platform. SureDone also has an extensive feature set to support the automotive and motorsports parts and accessories vertical, including fitment, kits and bundles and connections to leading distributors for inventory management and dropshipping.

Together, these capabilities automate normally expensive and time consuming tasks while allowing for rich integrations with other applications. SureDone is also a participant on the eBay Developer Council and the Amazon Developer Council.

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