Newsletter | June 16, 2020

06.16.20 -- Surviving The Retail Apocalypse -- Are You Prepared?

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Why Is PCI Compliance Still So Important?

Risk is any situation that involves exposure to danger. Whether you work in a big company with a dedicated risk management group or a small shop—where the CEO is also the janitor, cashier, bookkeeper, and everything in between—all of us must manage risk. The ability to alleviate business risk is exactly what makes PCI compliance so important right now.

Examining COVID-19’s Impact On The Delicate Balance Between Cash And The Retail And Hospitality Industries

Robert Banker, Director of SMARTtill and Partner Sales at APG Cash Drawer,  spoke with Retail IT Insights about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the retail and hospitality industries, as well as the future or cash, contactless payment, and cash drawers.

COVID-19 Crisis: How VARs Are Communicating With Employees, Merchants

RSPA members Brett Bennett, the president of VAR POSitive Technology and ISV OpSuite, and Chris Rumpf, the owner of VAR/ISV Flyght, provide examples of COVID-related messages they delivered to their employees and their merchants.

Surviving The Retail Apocalypse — Are You Prepared?

Between the rise of online shopping and coronavirus, retailers throughout the country are reeling. Owners of shopping centers are facing an uncertain future. Landlords must adapt to these changing circumstances to survive.

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