Newsletter | July 30, 2019

07.30.19 -- Tactics That Will Turn Customer Care Into A Profit Center

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How 5G Will Revolutionize Retail Payments
Guest Column | By Steve Villegas, PPRO

Retail has increasingly become a mobile function to meet the needs of a constantly on-the-go consumer base, especially with the rise in popularity of mobile e-wallets. The introduction of 5G will only enhance innovations in retail technology and, in turn, benefit the consumer.

Tactics That Will Turn Customer Care Into A Profit Center
White Paper | Radial

In the age of the consumer, every retailer must create the exceptional Amazon-like service experiences that consumers expect or risk going out of business.

In Case You Missed It
Going Omni-Channel Doesn’t Mean Using Every Channel
Guest Column | By Alexandra Frith, Retail Pro International

Through the past decade, retailers have worked to create and maintain a digital, omni-channel presence. For most, that has primarily meant improving the connection among their different sales channels, i.e., online with brick-and-mortar. But today's retailer must do more than, for example, ensure a sale can start in one channel and conclude in another, or that inventory of a downtown location can be reliably checked online.

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