Source: SonicWALL, Inc.
For POS networks, the uninterrupted flow of customer transaction data is critical. SonicWALL offers an automatic fail-over feature that establishes a dial-up connection in the event of disruptions in the broadband network, and automatically fails back when the broadband connection is available. All the while, this centrally managed appliance maintains corporate-level protection against security threats.
Today's businesses rely increasingly on their communications fabric to transmit company information between headquarters and remote locations securely. Point-of-Sale businesses such as retail stores, hotels, banks and gas stations exchange customer purchase and inventory information with every transaction. Critical to the success of any business is the ability to transmit information securely and to ensure that the information is always available.

To reduce connectivity costs, many businesses are switching from frame-relay or leased line to broadband services such as DSL and cable. While the savings from this move can be significant, establishing a consistent, reliable connection to access time-critical data is often a problem. Inevitably broadband connections fail, and when they do, so do the secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels through which vital information is exchanged. The resulting loss of data means lost productivity or lost revenue.

With the SonicWALL TELE3 SP, businesses now have constant access to critical data. Should your broadband connection go down, the TELE3 SP ensures continuous uptime for VPN connectivity by automatically failing over to the integrated analog modem. Once the broadband connection has been re-established, the TELE3 SP detects the restored connection and fails back, ensuring the best possible connectivity.

Point-of-Sale businesses aren't the only ones to benefit from the TELE3 SP's unique capabilities. Remote workers have the flexibility to connect to the Internet securely via broadband or dial-up depending upon the type of connection available to them at that particular location. And, the TELE3 SP's compact size and light-weight make it easy and convenient to carry in your laptop bag.

The SonicWALL TELE3 SP is a compact, all-in-one security solution that includes a hardened stateful packet inspection firewall, hardware-accelerated 3DES IPSec VPN, and supports SonicWA L L's portfolio of security applications, including Complete Anti- Virus, Content Filtering and Authentication Service. Best of all, centrally managing widely distributed TELE3 SP's is easy with our award-winning SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS).